Nepalese women learn to look after each other as state fails them

October 13, 2010 § Leave a comment

A very beautiful slideshow here highlights the struggle with domestic violence women face in NEPAL.

Pushpa Shreevastava has set up a local women’s group in her home, offering support to women who have been victims of domestic violence. This group is incredible, and a fantastic example of how many problems are caused by the lack of education of women. In Nepal, 95% of women have experienced domestic violence first-hand. It is also a country where women have a lack of education, no financial independence, and the state is poorly policed.

This is no co-incidence., and a shaming failure for the country’s successive unstable governments, which have deemed women’s empowerment as a low priority. Reading any history of the country  is to rifle through a shaming list of selfish and small-minded men in a series of unstable governments, who have been too busy fighting among themselves to tackle the crisis women were, and are still, facing in their own homes.

In a simple and elegant way, the bullied become the empowered; in finding the strength to meet together and talk, to start educating their daughters, to learn to survive without the men who make their lives a misery.

 These images are quite simply beautiful and moving. One is below, click here to see the rest.

A Nepalese girl studying

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