“She has little chance of a fresh start” – child prostitution in South Africa

December 23, 2010 § Leave a comment

Jounreymanpictures: Child prostitutes in Johannesburg

A gritty video  here focusing on the overstretched Child Protection unit in Johannesburg in South Africa. This documentary is two years old but still relevant and poignant and terrifying and shocking. It shows young sex workers addicted to drugs, driving off with customers, shouted at by pimps, lying about their age – and yet still trying to escape from rehabilitation homes and help centres to get back on the street.

The girls in this video talk about being raped, taking drugs, being abused and harming themselves as if they were discussing the weather. They don’t get much help, and they don’t expect anyone to care. Those who do mobilise to help are fighting an overriding tide of poverty, corruption and misogyny.

Ongoing rumours and concerns that the centre will be closed down have been denied and then have re-emerged  in a constant concern over what is really government’s intentions for the centre and its policies for women and children. It is, after all, a country where 78% of men admit to some kind of violence towards women, and where many believe using prositutes is a “call of nature”.

Incidentally, the producer of this video, journeymanpictures on YouTube, is home to some brilliant videos from all corners of the world, including the one in my previous post on child marriages in Yemen, and is well worth a look on YouTube.

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