India starts to take much-needed action on brothels

January 8, 2011 § 1 Comment

The arrest of two pimps in a raid in Chennai is a very welcome sign from the Anti-Vice Squad. Prositution is a massive problem in India for a plethora of reasons: poverty, women being trafficked, caste prejudice, drugs, the tourism sex trade, conservative attitudes. But a mountain is to be climbed stil as the police often remain reluctant to act on the mammoth problem. Pimps and the human sex trade provides healthy bribes to the authorities, and a policy of “don’t see, don’t act” has been the effective policy of the police.

18 women were rescued from the prostution ring in this raid, and the two pimps, both in their 50s were arrested.

The women were allegedly lured into the brothel after being promised work – then forced into sex work. The story is old. At any one time, estimates are that there are 15 million prostitutes in India, with a staggering 27 million children and women being forced to work as slaves in the sex trade each year.

Chennai police also cracked down on ten prostitution centres operating under the guise of spas – in 2009 there was not a single “spa” closed down by police. Assuming that these brothel spas have not all sprung up in a year, it is a very significant change in measures taken by Chennai police.

For the 18 women in their twenties, time for a new start and a new life. For countless others, the story is less positive and the problems are complex.

Brothel girls in India: taken for the Theatre of the absurd blog

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§ One Response to India starts to take much-needed action on brothels

  • kumar1073i says:

    Dear sir,
    The laws against prostitution in India are having enough power but it

    has become very difficult to the police to implement them. the main

    reason may be the capacity of Indian mafia and general apathy of

    Indian public.
    The menace of prostitution is not detrimental one for the economy

    and society is the belife of of our police and politicians. So they

    turn their eyes in a different direction when it comes to the matter
    But that is the rot of all social evils .
    Kindly go through
    1) A trafiker buys a girl from Nepal — 100000 is lost from the

    2) She will be brought into the counry and raped repeatedly and

    that will never be reported —– Many rapists are created they may

    rape even another fre woman . Govt has to spend money and

    resorces for investigation conviction etc.
    3)The earning capacity of the free woman may be crippled — a loss

    to the economy.
    4) The running rates in brothels are around rs.500 per client.
    5) A girl gets minimum 10 clients a day.
    So the minimum earnings will be around Rs 5000 a day multiply it

    by at least 300 days an yar Rs 1500000 per girl
    6) If a madam /brothel Keeper is having 10 girls the sum becomes

    an amount of 1.5 crores. This is an enoromous amount under indian

    7) All the money earned so will be black money either it has to be

    stashed or used for illigal activities.
    If the money is stashed economy looses so much of investments.

    so reduced production in industry/agriculture for the tune of 5

    crores per year . This only from a brothel having 10 girls. multiply

    the amount by 1.2 million girls then you will see the enonoromity of

    The loss will Rs 600 thousend crore per year.
    8)This loss is only when the amount has been stashed in theformof

    gold or cash .If the money erened so is used to fund smugling the

    loss. becomes much more.
    9) Under this senario the petty police of the nation will not be

    having any other avenue other than abetting the criminals.
    Either they have to abbet the criminals or they have to die mostly

    the ones who go for raids continuosly are transfered.
    10)These sex workers become infected with STDS soon and

    transmit it to the working population. So there will be a loss to the

    economy in terms of work in terms of education treatment. etc
    When we consider estimated 3 million sex workers The loss

    become an amount that can not be estimated.

    The brothel keper who earns more than the police officer will

    become all powerful in this cenario. He can threten to kill the honest

    police or his near and dear ones. There is no protection for them so

    even the honest will become helpless.
    Even if they arrest the brothel keepers they come out on bail the

    next day and continue the business with new girls .
    so the law against prostitution becomes unimplimentable and ends

    up in herassing the the prostitute the real victim.
    Procicuting the client is not a solution as it will make the operations

    more clandestain and more butal for the victims.
    Then is there not any way to break the ntworks .
    There are some ways which can be implimented with existing

    resorces and man power or low cost solutions.

    1) Establish aweb site for the general public to report a bout child

    prostitution /trficking etc anonymously. By doing so pimps might

    have to take extracre in chosing the clients.
    2)Make it possible to avard the police teams for resquing minor

    girls from the dens the avard amount should be more than a lakh

    per girl. This will make them to come out of the greed of bribes.The

    girls resqued from the dens can be trained in a vocation and part of

    their earnings can be utilised for repaying the award money.
    3)Make brothel keeping and pimping a non bailable offence. Let

    those brothel keepers languish in jails indefinately till the leagal

    process is compleated.
    4) Make it possible to attach and confiscate all the property of the

    brothel keepers pimps and finaciers of flesh treade.
    5) Let the police who raids may have share of 40 percent of the

    riches and rest to the govt. for rehabilitation purposes.
    By doing so police will be risking their lifes and raiding the dens.
    3)The onous of proving innocence should remain with the

    benificiaries of flesh trade. the law should be guilty till proved

    innocent. this increases the chances of conviction.
    4)The women engaged in prostitution should be treated as

    victims not as culprits.
    5)Once the case is proved The buildings that run brothels can be

    actioned and the booty can be shared by the local police

    administration and politcions. This prevents the propritors lending

    their premises for iligal activities.
    6) The punishment should be civier it should not be less than 10

    7) In case of trafickers and Madams /brothel runners They can be

    made cumpulsory blood donors. And forced organ donors if they

    are healthy.
    Otherwise they can be used as human guiniapigs for toxicology

    experiments/ scientific experiments. No need of showing mercy on

    them. They were ruthless for the young girls and spoiled the lives of

    many. You may think the clause is draconion but barbaric acts can

    be stopped only by draconion laws.
    8) Avenue of awarding the informers for succussful raids should be

    established this helps in inteligence gathering.
    9)The brothel keepers rotate girls lest they will devolp effinity

    towords clients and elope with them withe help of police. In the

    same way there should a rotating anti traficking and raiding cell

    power to seal prmises cunduct raids witohuot warrents arest the

    culprits etc.

    If the govt is keen on eradicating child prostitution it has to act

    with an iron fist. And concider that even the police who are

    entrusted to enforce law are human and they too have limitations.

    And the laws should be made implimentable without harm to the life

    and properties of the people who impliment them . Otherwise there

    will be very good laws that can never be implimented.

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