Berlusconi shames Italy’s women

January 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

Just a quick post here on women in Italy demanding Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s resignation – since I’m in Italy this week it seemed a good time to take stock of the situation here. For the last two days, women from the government’s Democratic Party, the main opposition party in Italy, have been protesting outside the Presidential Palace, calling for the 74-year-old to stand down.

More than 2,000 women have also signed a campaign petition entitled “Basta!” (Enough!), co-ordinated by the L’Unia newspaper. The wave of sex scandals that have followed Berlusconi have not done the Italian nation any favours, and have all but discredited his capacity to represent the women who live in the modern European state he governs.

A quick recap of the latest scandal is that Berlusconi is under investigation following allegations that he had sex with Karima El Mahroug when she was under-age, and then abused his power to get her out of prison over theft allegations. But this is not an isolated case – do a little research into Berlusconi and you can quickly see the same pattern of degrading and misleading actions towards women – again, and again, and again , and again.

It’s quite simply time he resigns, and takes these outdated misogynistic attitudes with him. This is not a man fit to represent a country where 60% of graduates are women. I don’t believe that he understands women are more than sex objects and the fact he has clung on to power this long is shameful. Time to go.

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